Who is responsible for the protection of your personal information or data?

Morin creations is the data processing guarantor or information to this website, under Canadian law on the protection of privacy. For all applications (mobile) that refer to this Privacy Policy, Creations Morin is the data controller of the guarantor. Morin creations agrees to assume full responsibility for the protection and security of your personal information or data.

2. What information or personal data is collected?

All our activities are based on strict ethical principles, and we are committed to providing a high level of protection of the privacy of all visitors to our Web site and our (mobile) applications. This is why the way in which we collect and store information depends on the type of use of our website and related services.

To register on the website thespartanspark.com, simply enter your email address, password.

2.1 Data collected by automatic means

Several technologies can be used on our website and our (mobile) applications to make them more user-friendly, efficient and reliable. These technologies may include automatic data collection by ourselves or by others on our behalf. In general, these data do not contain personal information about the user. These technologies include, among others, the witnesses, the witnesses and the Adobe Flash cybermétriques software.

2.1.1 Clickstream Data

A visit to one of our websites causes the browser data to our server. This data is automatically collected and stored by us or by others on our behalf. This data may include, in particular:

• IP address of the visitor

• the date and time of visit

• the referral URL (the website from which the visitor came)

• pages visited on our website

• information about the browser used (type and browser version, operating system, etc.)

2.1.2 Witnesses

On our website and our (mobile) applications, witnesses can be used in several places. In general, these are small text files stored on the hard drive of your computer or your mobile device web browser. We may use cookies to identify a user account holder and place items in a virtual shopping cart over. In other words, cookies help make our web site and our application (mobile) more user-friendly, more efficient and more reliable. The cookies we commonly use are “session cookies” that are automatically deleted at the end of the visit the web site. By default, browsers allow the use of cookies, but this function can also be disabled. However, while some services may not be available. It is also possible to manually delete cookies after use, using the Web browser.

A special form of witness is called Adobe Flash witness. Unlike normal controls, they are not created and saved by the browser, but are managed by the Adobe Flash plugin. They can contain more information than normal controls and can not be destroyed or deactivated via the browser: it is only possible using tools like Adobe Flash Player website. You can also get more information about these cookies on this website.

2.1.4 Web Beacons and plotters links

Web beacons (also called “pixel tags” and “healthy GIF”) contain graphic symbols that the user can not see. The links tracers or similar technology consist of a few lines of code instruction and can be incorporated into our website or our application (mobile). With witnesses, they are mainly used for the statistical analysis. This technology can also be used to monitor traffic patterns on websites, or to find out if an email has been received and opened, and if a response was given to it.

2.1.5 Cybermétrie

The term “cybermetrics” means a method of collecting and evaluating the behavior of website visitors or (mobile) applications. The latter includes the analysis of traffic patterns in order, for example, to determine the frequency of visits to certain parts of a Web site or application (mobile) or to find out what information and services most interest our visitors . To do this, we essentially use clickstream data and other techniques described above. The cybermétriques data are managed by Coremetrics or others. You can find more information on the treatment of cybermétriques Coremetrics data in § 9 below.

2.2 Information and personal data provided by you

In addition to data collected automatically, we also handle the data you have provided. This includes in particular

• your contact information, including your name and your first name, address (billing and shipping), date of birth, email address and, if applicable, your phone number. We need your email address and (optionally) your phone number so we can contact you if we wish to share questions or information about your order;

• other information necessary to process your order, including information on the products you ordered, billing and delivery address, bank details and the details of your credit card;

• If you created an online profile, preferences and interests that are indicated (you will find below more information on profiles);

• if you have contacted customer service, the details of the contact and contact history.

All these data are characterized by the fact that you have provided this information yourself. We use this information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. You can always correct your personal data or object to their collection or other use or treatment, as described later in this policy, request access to the personal information you have provided.

3. How are the data used?

We collect, use or disclose your personal information or data with your permission for the stated purposes, or as provided or required by law. Your permission may be expressed in writing or implied, and you can give it to us verbally or electronically.

We use the information we have collected about you so that you have a pleasant shopping experience to process your orders and to inform you about our product and services.

Given the fact that transparency and fairness are especially important to us, we offer different options, depending on the exact circumstances, to help you keep control of your information or data. This can be view and edit your information or data online. You can also unsubscribe services, delete your user account and receive information on the data we have.

5.1 Right of opposition

In each email sent by Spartan Spark, including a newsletter or an advertisement, it is offered to unsubscribe from mailing file these emails by following the instructions provided in the email in question. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, simply click on the unsubscribe link: we will stop immediately send you emails.

If you do not want information collected and evaluated on your behavior on our website or application (mobile), you can refuse collection cybermétriques data as described below in § 9.

Regarding other types of messages that you may receive, including maintenance notice or administrative notices, you can stop receiving that if you delete your account, as these messages are mandatory elements of accounts users and the use of our websites and applications (mobile).

5.2 The right to request information

You have the right to be informed at all times about the information and personal data stored about you, their origin and recipients, as well as why they are registered. Information on registered personal information can be obtained using the contact details under “Contact Information” below. We may not be able to provide the information we hold about you in the following cases: (1) if it contains references to other individuals; (2) if it is subject to attorney-client privilege or litigation; (3) if it contains proprietary information; (4) if it has already been destroyed; (5) if

it is too expensive in our opinion recover and (6) if it can not be disclosed for legal reasons.

5.3 The right to request corrections

You have the right to ask us to correct, complete, delete or block the information and personal data stored about you. We will notify you within four weeks of receiving your application, when and possibly how we will respect your request. If for some reason we do not meet your request, we will tell you why.

6. Information Security and Data Integrity

We take all technical and organizational measures required to protect your information and personal data against any risk of accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, falsification or use, access or unauthorized disclosure, especially when processing requires a data transmission over a network. We also protect against any form of unlawful processing or misuse.

7. Protection of information and personal data miners

Information Protection and minor personal data is of paramount importance. Reebok feels responsible for protecting the privacy of minors and does not intend to collect data from minors under the age of 16. We also encourage parents and other persons having parental authority to surf the web with their minor children and to participate with them in numerous activities offered by the wide range of sites on the World Wide Web (www).

If a child under age 16 attempts to register, it will be first asked to provide the information as described above, in the chapter entitled “What information and personal data is collected? “In addition, the data relating to minors, sent and received during visit (eg., by controls) may be used as described above.

If a minor under the age of 16 attempts to send a registration request, it will be denied, and will be reported to him that applications sent by minors under the age of 16 are not accepted. Therefore, we ask parents and others with parental authority to monitor and control the use of the Internet by their minor children to protect.

8. Social Networks

Our website and our (mobile) applications offer social plug-ins to multiple social networks. If you choose to interact with a social network, your activity on our website or by our (mobile) applications will also be available on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

If you are on a social network while you visit our website or one of our (mobile) applications, it is possible that this social network adds this information to your profile. If you interact with one of the social plugins, this information will be transferred to the social network. If you refuse the transfer of such data, disconnect your social network before accessing one of our websites or any of our (mobile) applications.

We have no means of influencing the collection of this data and transfer of social plugins. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of these social networks to get more information on the collection and transfer of personal data, your rights and how you can adjust your privacy settings satisfactorily.

9. coordinates

For questions about the processing of your personal data or our privacy policy, please contact us.

Here are our contact details:

Morin creations

2575 Boulevard St-Joseph C.P.26

Drummondville (Québec) J2B 7V4

You can also contact our Customer Service: [include the Web address when the customer service form can be downloaded]

Or you may call Customer Service at 1-819-474-4664

13. Recording of complaints

You can register a complaint with regard to respect for privacy by contacting the Privacy Officer or respect for private life of the Group at the following address or email address above. We will explain our complaints procedure and will investigate all complaints. If a complaint is justified, we will take appropriate action to correct the situation. We will also tell you what other complaint procedures available to you.

14. Changes to this Policy

Morin Creations is committed to observe the fundamental principles of data protection and believes that this Privacy Policy is legally binding. This is why we regularly reviewing our Privacy Policy to ensure it does not contain an error, it is clearly visible on the website, it is comprehensive, it is applied in its entirety and is in accordance with the principles of data protection. This Privacy Policy may change from time to time to monitor new developments and possibilities of the Internet and to respect the law.

We do not will restrict the rights granted to you under this Privacy Policy without your explicit permission. Significant changes to this Policy will be published on our website with a updated version of the Privacy Policy.


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