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To remain the best reference portal in the design and manufacture of bags and sports bags, Creations Morin just add unparalleled collaborator and expert in the field, Michel Ferland. This acquisition will enable the company to maintain its position of choice on the board of Canadian manufacturing firms.

With its expertise in the business world, Michel Ferland has to his credit over 40 years of experience in the field of manufacturing, especially in the manufacture of sporting goods. Indeed, he is the founder of the famous hockey FERLAND brand, a company which was long a leader in the manufacture of gloves, pants and hockey bags. Under his leadership, the company has experienced impressive growth orchestrated by several technical innovations in the field of hockey.

Once one is interested in the career of this shoemaker, we realize that many research led him to develop his specialization recognized. In addition, he was the first to perform profiling angle on skates. He also pioneered rounded hockey gloves and fingers separated (split fingers). To this is added the innovation replacement of raw materials used in the production process, which had the effect of significantly lightening the weight of gloves.

Many other achievements mark the path of Michel Ferland, but the last years were spent to revive the famous brand under FERLAND new day … new logo, new products! He honed his skills as much for making sports products and developing and marketing its products. This unique combination of work experience acquired over time enable Creations Morin becoming its successful market vector or customization and design of sports bags.

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Founded in 1984 in Drummondville, Créations Morin is a North American leader in the field, specializing in the production of custom-made protective covers using high-quality materials designed for a full range of recreational vehicles from the world’s top manufacturers. We also manufacture high-end travel bags and textile accessories. The military, medical and sports sectors also benefit from the expertise we have developed over the years and that we continue to develop today to maintain our leadership position in the field.



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